Friday, November 28, 2008


Yep, I'll admit it. I'm a procrastinator! I've had a list of things to do while I am off work this week and I'm down to some less fun stuff and I don't want to do it! I'm pretty sure that if I'd just go do them, it wouldn't take as long as the time I've spent putting them off.

Here's what I need to do:
  • Put the deck furniture into the shed for the winter
  • Take comforters to laundromat to get them all clean for the winter months (although Mom just told me about a nice, newer place that I'm going to try out this time, so maybe it won't be so bad if I bring a book)
  • Paint the mailbox and put new numbers on it (that's really a project I wanted to do with Daniel, but he's not here today)
  • File papers and shred old papers (I think I'll keep on procrastinating that one--ha!)

Here's the bad part . . . I also procrastinate doing things I like to do, namely scrapbooking and making cards. Why do I do that???? One reason is because I think that if I use a chunk of time to scrapbook and/or make cards, I will feel guilty if the other stuff isn't done yet, so I just put it all off. Crazy, I know.

OK, I'm getting off the computer now and am going to go tackle that list! Then maybe I can scrapbook with a less-guilty conscience. :-)


I must have just needed some accountability, because I got really industrious after I posted yesterday. First, I got outside and put away the deck furniture, to the rousing chorus of the neighbor's dog, who just can't seem to get it into her thick skull that I live here and that is my shed I go into. Probably would have been pretty entertaining for anyone who happened upon a woman carrying deck chairs into the shed while yelling "Shut up, already!" to a dog on the other side of the fence.

I got all the new bedding for Daniel's bed washed, including going to the laundromat this morning. I did bring something to read, which was a good thing, since I don't understand much Spanish and that's all that was on the TVs in there. It was a clean place, though, which is what I wanted. I also need to say a big "Thank You" to my mom, who came and stayed with the comforters that were drying when I needed to go home to meet the delivery people from Mattress King. She's an awesome mom!

So, since I'm probably not going to get into painting the mailbox and I would really rather eat dirt than file and shred today, I'm going to be happy with 2 out of 4, especially since I did other things that weren't on my original list (I have this strange habit of adding to my list as I go and then it just looks as long as it was when it started). Maybe I can justify scrapbooking now!


Lainee said...

I do exactly the same thing, but lately I've been playing a game with myself--I work on a project I don't like for an hour or so, then work on a project I WANT to do for the same amt. of time.
Now I gotta go heed my own advice!

Katie Thompson said...

Now you see why I'm always blogging my to-do lists, though I admit that I don't always have the same success! Way to go!

Jen Box said...

HEY- I have a problem with procrastination too! But as Ellen says, "We procrastinate because it feels so good. All we have is the here and now." So, for now, I'll count on those yard leaves rotting or something.

robin said...

Don't ruin my image of you! You are definitely NOT a procrastinator in my book. (I need to know the name of that laundromat and what's your mom doing next weekend?)