Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Our funny family

Tonight our family had an impromptu dinner at Publix! It was Jeanette's idea and she invited us to come along to the holiday sampling night at our neighborhood Publix. Daniel and I wavered at first, but then we changed our minds and decided to join in the fun. When we got there, Jeanette and Russell were already there, along with Erica, who slept through most of it. We got in line for the "main meal": turkey, ham, dressing, spinach, sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes--all you can eat--on a small dessert plate. :-) Oh, and I forgot the dessert. Little tiny slivers (samples, mind you) of sweet potato pie or pumpkin pie (and also the other samples of cakes/pastries before you got to the "main meal" line.)

After we got our plates filled, we were standing around eating, and Jeanette said, "Since we're not going to be together on Thanksgiving, this is our Thanksgiving meal together!" I said we should all go around and say what we're thankful for. Like I said, we have a funny family.

Well, then we moved on to the produce section, where they had samples of veggies and dip and then apples and dip, followed by apple cider. We skipped the shrimp cocktail samples and "helped" Russell and Jeanette, who actually had some grocery shopping to do. There was more ham and some of those little cocktail weiners and sausage balls, then we got ice cream samples and egg nog down in the dairy foods. We finished out the night with a white chocolate pretzel and some cranberry 7-Up. Quite a smorgasboard!

Another funny thing was that we ran into some friends who were doing their weekly shopping. When we stopped to talk to Julie, she said that Wesley (her husband) had already reported to her that our whole family was out at Publix together for the holiday samples!

And before you wonder where Grandma and Grandpa were, they arrived just before the rest of us were leaving, so there actually were a few minutes that our whole family was at Publix together!

What a funny (and in my opinion, FUN) family we have! They're some of what I'm most thankful for at Thanksgiving and all year long!


Katie Thompson said...

We had some family members who did that, too! Wouldn't have thought of make a holiday of it :) Your family is awesome.

Nanette R. said...

I've thought before that the Tenpennys/Thompsons and the Ryals/Ryan/Masseys would probably have a blast if we ever got all of us together for a game night w/ snacks! :-)

Katie Thompson said...

I'm positive that we would :)

florence said...

That's awesome!! I got a postcard in the mail about a sampling, and on another day a pancake breakfast at Publix. So, our family loaded in the car (I think last Saturday morning) to go have pancakes (because I will NEVER turn down a free meal!). Anyway, we get there, and the employees look at us like we are crazy. They have no idea what we are talking about. Ends up, the whole week of "Free food" was out at the grand opening of the Mt. Juliet(not Hermitage) store. Major Bummer!! We had to go to McDonald's for breakfast and actually spend money!

Lainee said...

I have laughed at how many men I see shopping at Publix sampling time, so it really made me laugh to think that a whole family did this together!