Monday, September 15, 2008

Through the years

A fun time was had by all at the 90th birthday party for Mr. Lee Anderton! He was totally surprised to see 14 friends gathered for what he thought was going to be a small dinner with two families. We represented Lee's decades well, from Charlie Chaplin (Lee's birth year, 1918) to a Lee look-alike (2008)! After the delicious dinner, we realaxed in the den and shared facts and stories from the decades. As promised, here's a picture of me in my poodle skirt and also a group shot for your viewing pleasure.

Two of my favorite quotes of the evening were from Scott Patty (our pastor) and from Lee himself:

"I just hope that you all respect me in the morning when I get up to preach!" --Scott Patty, while wearing 80's attire which involved big shoulder pads.

When asked if he'd ever had long hair like some of the styles of the decades, Lee said, "No, my hair's been like this my whole life!"

Huge thanks and kudos to Leslie and Rebecca for coming up with the idea and for going above and beyond to make it a very special night for Mr. Lee! I've known Lee since before his 80th birthday, probably since 1996 ot 1997 and I will always be thankful for his quiet, strong, giving nature and for his loyal friendship.


Katie Thompson said...

Can you say blackmail??? Not for you, you looked great! But there are a few others in there that beg a little teasing!

JAY SMITH said...

Sounds like it was a great night. What a cast of characters in the group shot! A few of their costumes are going to leave a mental scar for a while . . .

Katie said...

Alright, had to share with Steve.
How fun, great idea! I am sure he loved his party!

It's Lainee: said...

soo cute! I hope I'm like Lee when I grow up. :)

Shanna Bauman said...

Nanette, are you wanting to link pictures to your blog like I did with my title?? Is that what you meant? If so, I use Flickr as my photo site and upload my photos there. THEN in blogger with each post there is a space right under where I put in the title that says I can post a link. I then copy my Flickr URL into that space and it makes my title a link going directly to my photos.

Does that make sense??