Saturday, August 30, 2008

Weekends are "the shiz"!

The other day in the car, Daniel taught me a couple of "new" words. He also told me I'm not allowed to use them outside of the family, but I had to blog about it!

One word he taught me was "foshizzle". According to him, there can be some more to it that isn't good, but if you stop at that first word, it's ok. It means "for sure" and I think Toby Mac has it in one of his songs. I didn't understand what Daniel said at first, and pronounced it "foshishle". That sent my son into a fit of laughter, and ranked it up there with some of my best "mom trying to be cool" moments.

The other word that I learned that day was "the shiz", which means "awesome". Hence the title of this post and my real reason for writing today. I love weekends! I wake up so calm and my mind isn't racing with things that I need to do at work or at home (ok, sometimes I get uptight about things I need to do at home). Today, I was able to go for a long walk and then picked up Daniel from the spend-the-night party at Sean's (we have another teenager among us). The rest of the weekend is pretty much unplanned, although we will enjoy spending time with friends visiting from out of town and getting to see Baby Erica. Yep, weekends are "the shiz"!


Katie Thompson said...

I must say that every time I check back here I'm afraid you've taken up cursing. "shiz", huh. Wonder when it'll make it into the dictionary? Probably not long!

Nanette R. said...

Yea, you don't want any slips of the fingers when typing this new slang. It helps if you add "the" in front of it. Stay tuned, I was thinking of my next post as I drove to work this a.m.! Thanks for reading my blog! :-)