Monday, July 14, 2008

A sure sign you have a teen-ager . . .

. . . is when he goes on the church youth mission trip and sends you text messages instead of calling home.

Don't worry, I am very thankful to have gotten the texts, because when I sent him to Centri-Kid with a pre-paid phone card (before he had a cell phone), the phone card came home with the same amount of minutes as when he left with it. :-)

I think I'm just jealous that he can text faster than I can (but I can type faster on a keyboard!).

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Katie Thompson said...

This is precisely why I ignore my children when they ask me when they can have a cell phone. First of all, they are way too young. But try explaining that to them when they have friends their own age who actually have cell phones!! Secondly, I'm pretty sure they would text me (just for kicks) from their bedrooms at night when they need a drink of water. Alas, I know they will shock me and become teenagers before I know it, just like Daniel!!!