Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Celebrity sightings

Hey there! I'm back from my long weekend in Ft. Lauderdale and am wishing I was still there (sort of . . . I am glad to be back home with my boy!) I had a wonderful time seeing my friends and getting some time to relax by the pool. Other than going to church, Target and Publix, we didn't venture out much, and that was perfectly fine. Leanne and I got to do some of our favorite things: talk, read, lay out in the sun, walk on the beach, eat (but not too much) and watch movies. Not too exciting for some, but it was great for me! Doug was fine with it, too, since he got to go fishing every day.

Now for the celebrity sightings: On Friday night when I got to the gate to get on the plane, I looked over and saw Jevon Kearse, "The Freak", a former/now-returned Tennessee Titan player! One of the un-fun things about traveling alone is that when something like this happens, you don't have anyone to commiserate with (or who can vouch for you), so I did the next best thing: I texted Daniel. He didn't respond, so I sent the text to a friend from work. She responded with, "I don't know who this is." I thought she meant Jevon, so I texted back that she should ask her husband. She came back with "He's at a loss, too." I thought that was kind of strange that they wouldn't know who Jevon Kearse is, but still wanting to share my celebrity sighting with someone, I sent back a message telling who he is. She came back with "I know who he is, I don't know who is texting me!" Talk about deflating my balloon! She knew who Jevon Kearse is, she didn't know me (or thought she didn't)!!! I quickly solved her mystery and we got another laugh over it at work today.

After all that, Jevon got in line (he must have printed his boarding pass the night before, because he was in the A line . . . couldn't have been his celebrity status) and while I waited for the B line to be called, up walks somebody else who was at least dressed like he was a celebrity. I'm guessing he is a rap singer and REALLLY wish I'd had my camera (more to get this guy's picture than Jevon's). He was wearing a bright green suit with matching shoes, a hat and rhinestone-studded sunglasses. He had someone with him who I guessed was his body guard, plus another one or two people. They didn't even have to wait in the A line, they got to pre-board with the people who needed assitance and families with young children. I still don't know who he was, but he at least thought he was somebody.

I got to thinking about these famous (or somewhat famous) people I saw and what it must be like to be recognizable. I pretty much live my life in obscurity (some people I know don't even recognize my text messages!) and can walk through the airport without anyone knowing who I am. I do have some important claims to fame, though:
  • Daniel's Mom

  • Jeanette's Sister

  • Nancy and DeLane's Daughter

  • Friend

  • Child of God

Maybe I'm not living in obscurity after all!

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Kristi said...

Good story... and you're not obscure to those lucky enough to be your friends.

Once a couple of years ago, Jay and I spotted Vanilla Ice in the Nashville airport. (Well, I was in the Nashville airport bathroom, but Jay saw him.) It's sadder when you WERE famous, people DO notice you, but they don't CARE.