Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Car wash woes

Ok, first let me say that I know that it's supposed to rain tomorrow, so it's not the best day to get a car wash. That said, my white car was (is) covered in that lovely yellow dust that comes out this time of year (I think it's called, "pollen"). So, when Daniel's ballgame was cancelled, yet again, due to a wet field, I thought that we could use the "extra" time in our evening to stop and get my car washed.

Now, I need to back up a little and tell you about the last time I got my car washed. It was a nice, sunny day (the day before Easter) and I had just passed my Life and Health exam, so I decided to get my car washed at the place right across the street from the test site (which for those of you who know the Nolensville Rd/Old Hickory Blvd. area, the test site was over by Papa John's and Tang's). So, I drove over to National Car Wash, (a.k.a. NCW) to go through the drive-through car wash (I'm not a DIY car washer). When I drove up, there was one car in line and that lane was apparantly experiencing technical difficulties. An attendant was there helping with the problem (must have been the mandatory once-a-quarter visit from an attendant). While waiting for the other car to get washed, the attendant asked me if I'd like to try out the one that had been having a problem and he'd give me a free car wash for my trouble. I backed up and drove over to the other lane, but it still didn't work, so he told me to go back around to the working lane (so much for a quick car wash). He started to give me a token to put in for my free wash, but the token slot was clogged up with something, so he gave me the token to use another time and I paid for my car wash. I think that I got one of the worst (if not THE worst) car wash in my entire life that day. There were streaks and places where the soap sprayer had missed and it looked awful! (I know, I got what I paid for at the "budget" NCW).

Back to today: After I decided that I wanted to get a car wash, I remembered my free token. While I didn't really want to go back to NCW (or that particular one), I thought that I couldn't lose since it would be free, even if the forecast is for rain and the car would get all dirty again in 24 hours. Then, I also remembered that there is an NCW on Harding Place, which was more on the way home. So, we drove down Harding Place and drove right up to the car wash lane and I stuck my token in. Nothing happened. I tried to push buttons to get the token back, but then it asked me to deposit five dollars. I stupidly inserted a five dollar bill and for some reason got four quarters back, then proceeded into the car wash tunnel. Nothing happened. I backed up and tried again. Nothing happened. By this time, I was less than amused and Daniel was very amused in the back seat. I called the number posted and left a message (it must not have been the once-a-quarter day for the attendant to be on site or to answer the phone). We'll see if I get a return call and if I ever see my five bucks again. Daniel then gave me some words of wisdom: "Mom, just let nature wash the car tomorrow."

I think I've learned my lesson about NCW. Now, what was that place I heard an ad for on the radio, some kind of spa for your car?????


Katie Thompson said...

Two words: Smith Brothers. It's close to my mom's house, but worth the five extra minutes. Someone is always there, the money thing always works, and even their cheapest wash is pretty good. There's also one on Thompson Lane near the bridge.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that stinks! The day I went to the one on N'ville Rd., there was a little old man in the non-working lane (no quarterly attendant!) I felt so sorry for him as I got mine washed in the working lane and then saw him pull in behind me and pay yet again. He didnt look too happy, either.

Katie is right...Smith Brothers on Old Hickory - and, you get free vaccuuming (but, you have to do that yourself:))

robin said...

Hey...I'm not anonymous. I just couldnt remember my password!