Wednesday, March 26, 2008

On my walk

I was not very motivated to do any exercise today, but I hated to waste a nice day and the free time to do it, so I grabbed my iPod, my phone and my camera and headed out to at least get a mile walk (I ended up walking 2 miles and actually had fun!). On my walk these are a few things I saw:

I also saw a teacher from the elementary school and we stopped to chat for a minute. I went a few laps around the school track to get in another mile and am so glad I made the effort to get outside and walk!


Katie Thompson said...

I'm inspired. I'll have to carry a camera with me next time we cruise the neighborhood.

florence said...

You go girl!! That church sign cracks me up!! Thanks for bringing a smile to my day.

Katie Jo said...

great idea to bring your camera along. Love the church sign! I know where that was taken lol.