Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Snow days aren't as fun as they used to be

Well, I woke up this morning and turned on the TV to see if Metro Davidson County Schools were actually going to get a snow day this time. I triple-checked on three stations and saw that they were going to be out and that the roads were slick, etc., etc. Then I tried to go back to sleep for a little while, only to be awakened by the phone ringing and had to get up to go answer it (the Metro automated phone call to say that school was cancelled--thanks!). Since I was awake, I turned the TV back on and started figuring out what my plan of action should be. Here were my options:
  1. Stay home with Daniel for a unexpected free day off (for him anyway)
  2. Go to work and be a responsible manager that I should be

There were then sub-choices:

  1. Bring Daniel to work with me
  2. Call my sister to see what her plans were
  3. Call a friend to see if Daniel could come over for the day

Well, I decided to be a responsible manager and at least call my co-workers to see if they would be able to get to the office. Then I called my sister and found out that she was going to go on to work, too. Finally, I called Sherry (and woke her up, sorry!) to ask if she would mind having an extra kid for the day.

The roads ended up not being too bad once we finally left and Daniel was more than happy to get a day to hang out with his friends! I think I'm the only one who got the raw end of the stick. Like I said before, snow days aren't as fun as they used to be. (OK, I'm finished whining now--thanks for listening).

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