Thursday, February 28, 2008

Little things make me happy

I am feeling so happy and blessed tonight and as I think back on the day, it was the little things that made me happy. Things like:

  • Being able to buy a gift certificate for my parents on

  • Getting some creative time at a stamp class with some friends after work

  • Holding a sweet baby girl as she slept in my arms while her mom crafted

  • Rejoicing with my sister about hearing her baby's heartbeat at their doctor's visit today

  • Getting not one, but two phone calls from Daniel just to let me know how his day had gone

  • Receiving a letter in the mail that Daniel wrote to me as a class assignment

God is so good! God is so good! God is so good, He's so good to me!


Katie Jo said...

You helped me have a great day
LOVED the card you sent to me

Katie Thompson said...

Yayyyy Jeanette!!!!!!